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Advisory Centre

Advisory Centre

Advice to Governments, Regulatory Bodies, Entrepreneurs and Fund Managers

Under its advisory wing, PEPP provides capital markets, private equity and venture capital policy advice to Governments. In this role, it plays an active part on various Committees of the Securities and Exchange Board of India and engages in dialogue with Government agencies on topics such as pension fund development & the development of entrepreneurship. PEPP and its leaders have contributed to the preparation of various reports for the development of capital markets for the Governments of India and China. 

For example, PEPP's Chairman, Mr. Arvind Mathur, CFA, FRM has helped coordinate and compile the following two major reports for the Securities & Exchange Board of India ( SEBI) 

 The Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee - The First Report 

 The Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee - The Second Report 

The Committee's members include Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy, Founder and Chairman, Infosys as well as representatives of KKR, Carlyle, TPG , TVS Capital, PwC, EY, Indian School of Business and other respected professionals.

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