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The International Institute of Venture Capital, Private Equity, and M&A (IIVPM) is an online institute established by Private Equity Pro Partners. Its founder, Arvind Mathur, has experience in transacting, advising and training in the areas of  private equity, venture capital, M&A and derivatives during a career spanning four decades. 


The Institute has access to numerous original case studies which it uses in its training. The aim is to provide training to ensure clarity of concepts. Ideas and methods are shared  which the participants can use in their areas of work.

The Institute also invites professionals from leading firms to speak at its events.

Areas of Education

The Institute provides the following short-term online courses. Each course is delivered over a one or two week period:


Participants have the  option to sit for an examination. Those who pass  the written exam and an interview receive a CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY from The International Institute of Private Equity, Venture Capital & M&A (IIVPM).

Benefits of The Institute's Training

Training professionals with a global mindset.


Alumni queries on the course attended will be addressed.

Learn from experienced practitioners.

Discuss case studies for enhanced understanding

Learn to negotiate large venture capital, equity or mergers and acquisitions deals

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