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Centre For Valuation

Need for Valuation Professionals

The need for valuing assets or liabilities arises in a wide range of situations including IPOs, fund management, equity research, derivatives strategies, taxation , mergers and acquisitions, litigation and many other situations.  Professional valuation requires training, expertise and experience. Besides valuation methodologies knowledge of valuation standards and related due diligence techniques is vital.

Areas of Valuation Training

   Valuation Methodologies                                                                  

   Financial Modelling for Valuation                                                

   Real Estate Valuation                                                                      

   Real Options Valuation                                                                     

   Intangible Valuation

   Ethics for Valuation Professionals                                              

   Derivatives Valuation


   Equity Research

   Derivative Research

The Centre for Valuation at Private Equity Pro Partners (PEPP) provides valuation training of the highest standards in the following areas:

Please see our brochure for the training module in Valuation, contact us at:

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