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Centre For Mergers & Acquisition

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions are Growing

Worldwide there has been an unprecedented rise in M&A activity. The lure of the following benefits attracts companies to merge:

Synergies in operation

Expansion in other geographical Markets

Acquisition of skills and technologies

Shedding corporate divisions in carve-outs to focus on core strengths



Generational transitions

Challenges in M&A

The majority of M&A transactions fail to achieve the benefits that initially justified the M&A deal. Billions of dollars are lost in failed M&A deals. To avoid such outcomes, leaders, founders and top management need to acquire professional skills to achieve success in M&A deals in planning & implementing transactions.

Private Equity Pro Partners provides training to equip professionals with the requisite skills which will help improve the prospects for successful mergers & acquisitions. 

Our M&A Training

The course will benefit: acquirers, target companies, private equity funds, banks, regulators and hedge funds. Participants will learn to use key M&A tools & acquire the skills to navigate the M&A life-cycle successfully in Asia.

On Day 1, participants will learn the rationale of M&A, how synergies are identified and computed, the key success factors in M&A, handle valuation dilemmas and acquisition financing methods. The sale process will be explained, including controlled auctions, and the critical subject on how a seller can maximize the sale value and alternatively how targets can repel unwanted M&A attacks. Deal structuring will make clear the complex role of puts and calls in staged acquisitions.

On Day 2, participants will learn the advanced techniques of Leveraged Buyouts, how buyouts are originated and are executed, the strategies of some of the leading private equity buyout funds like KKR and Carlyle, and the role of the major investment banks like Goldman Sachs. Deal structuring, regulatory methods and due diligence techniques will also be explained.

Innovative Ideas and techniques will be illustrated by discussing case studies drawn from Asia, emerging markets and the advanced countries.

Who Should Attend ? 

CEOs, CFOs, corporate treasurers and board members of companies


Investment bankers


Commercial bankers to gain knowledge of acquisition financing techniques


Private Equity players including sovereign wealth funds wishing to understand buyouts


Those aspiring to join private equity funds or Investment banking


Consultants and advisory firms


Private bankers, wealth managers and securities analysts

Hedge fund managers wanting to engage in merger/risk arbitrage

Lawyers wishing to understand the financial logic of M&A and buyouts

Government regulators: ministries of finance, central bank & stock market regulators

Risk managers

Structured finance professionals


CFA Charterholders, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries 

Please see our brochure for the training module in Valuation, contact us at:

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