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Centre for Private Equity & Venture Capital

Centre For Private Equity & Venture Capital 


The Silicon Valley Knowledge Centre

What The Centre Does ?

The staff of Private Equity Pro Partners has over 30 years experience on the fields of private equity and venture capital. This has included a 20 year stint at the Asian Development Bank where our Chairman headed its private equity and venture capital business. He also worked in private equity at Citibank where he helped establish a $ 1 billion private equity fund. In all our experience includes the establishment of over 30 private equity and venture capital funds and a number of asset management companies.

To build on this experience, the Private Equity & Venture Capital Centre has been established. The Centre acts as a resource for providing advice and training to:

Investors, private equity funds, venture capital firms,

law firms and accounting firms, 


leading associations of PE fund managers like KKR, Warburg Pincus, Carlyle, Barings, Sequoia Capital, APAX Partners as well as impact investors  active in the private equity and venture capital space.

To support our training activities we have prepared several original case studies showing how private equity funds, venture capital funds, angels and other limited partners find practical solutions to problems. See the list of our case studies below. 

Why we do this ? Why is this Centre Our Passion ?

We strongly believe that the elimination of poverty requires continuous job creation. This can be accelerated by greater and greater long-term investments in all types  of firms in a broad range of sectors like education, hospitals, e-commerce, manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure and services sectors. Private equity and venture capital provide risk capital to enable the growth of ventures and businesses in a wide range of areas resulting in job creation.

We also believe that the world is a better place when there is superior understanding of global and cross-border opportunities leading to international capital flows.This leads to the better prospects for the inflow of stable, long-term capital on a continuous basis. In turn, the need to attract domestic and global capital flows leads to the establishment of stable economic and national investment policies and reforms.

We have sought the inputs of leading fund managers, regulators and other experts  to prepare various reports containing best practices and advice. 

Silicon Valley Knowledge Centre

Our Silicon Valley Knowledge Centre is designed to:

Monitor and understand the culture of success, the latest trends and business models in Silicon Valley, California as well as famed entrepreneurial regions like Israel, China, UK, HongKong, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan; 

Share the knowledge gained by providing training in venture capital and angel capital to venture capital fund managers, angel investors and entrepreneurs in countries like India, China, Greater China, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world;

Prepare case studies of entrepreneurs, start-ups and cross-border investments that grow under the Silicon Valley culture in various countries and regions of the world; 

Analyse and prepare case studies on Mergers and Acquisitions amongst start-ups as well as between start-ups and strategic investors' and corporate investors; and 

Monitor the innovative initiatives of corporate ventures and share best practices to promote innovation and creativity.

List of Original Case Studies Prepared By the Centre

Click here to see the Original Case Studies Prepared so Far

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